Ministerial Licensing

Steps to Ministerial License

step 1  |  Pastoral Approval

The first step to obtaining Ministerial Credentials should always include communication with and approval by the local Pastor.

step 2  |  ministry central training

Complete the required online learning modules for the level of licensing you are seeking to obtain.

Step 3  |  Required reading

Each level of licensure includes reading requirements to complete the online coursework.

Step 4  |  Complete Application

If you’re not currently licensed with the UPCI, it will be necessary for your Pastor to initiate this application. If you are upgrading your license, you will initiate the process yourself.

Step 5  |  Insurance

Fill out the insurance application.

Step 6  |  Credit report

Request a free credit report and submit to the district office.

step 7  |  interview with Presbyter

Your Sectional Presbyter must conduct an interview with you and review your application and required documents 60 days prior to Spring or Fall Conference. 

step 8  |  Meet with District Board

Interviews will be conducted with applicants during Fall & Spring Conference. Applications for all licenses, upgrades, and ordination must be submitted no later than March 15th for Spring and October 15th for Fall. 

Please fill out the form below to inquire about ministerial licensing with the Detroit Metro District.