Children's Ministry

But Jesus said, "Let the children come to me, and don't try to stop them! People who are like these children belong to God's kingdom,"
Matthew 19:14 CEV
The DMD Children's Ministry is passionate about raising up this generation to know Jesus and ultimately become world changers in the kingdom of God. Our sectional children's rallies, summer camp, Bible Quizzing program, and training for teachers all focus on this mission. 

Bible Quizzing

This UPCI program challenges children to memorize scripture. With a new theme each year, children memorize hundreds of verses throughout their participation in quizzing. Tournaments provide opportunities to compete and grow friendships with other kids. 

Teacher Training

Equipping teachers to reach young people in our ever-changing culture is something we value. Each year, we take a Saturday in the first quarter to inspire, equip, and nurture those who minister to children in our district. 

Children's Rallies

We want our children to stay connected to God and each other. A rally is held in each one of our Detroit Metro sections each year where children's ministers are brought in especially for them!

Children's Camp

Our kids look forward to attending Children's Camp all year! From impactful services where they feel the presence of God and receive his Spirit, to campfires and outdoor activities ranging from fishing, to canoeing, to swimming, to climbing high ropes, our kids get the opportunity to experience things that aren't always available to them in urban settings.

2024 Calendar of Events

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Teacher training

Saturday, February 24th
Apostolic Faith Downriver
Southgate, MI

Kids' Rallies

April 13th - Life Livonia: Livonia, MI
June 1st - First Church: Sterling Heights, MI
October 26th - The International Church: Wayne, MI

Bible Quizzing

January - May
3rd Saturday (except for May)

Summer Camp

July 8th - 12th
Water's Edge Camp & Conference Center: Howell, MI

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OUR TEAM: (Dennis) Belkis Marshall - Section 3, (Steve) Tiffany Richert - Section 1, (Mariah) Daniel Parsons - Section 2, Tyrus Knapp - Junior Bible Quizzing Director, David (Kris) McCool - Director, Kyle (Crista) Turner - Secretary